Hey, my blog

My name is Wells Johnston and I'm an engineer and entrepeneur living in NYC. I'm an avid hacker and open source developer with a strong background mathematics, computer networks, and distributed systems in the digital media space.

I'm Chief Data Scientist at Littlstar, a premium content delivery network for 360 video and VR (virtual reality). Previously I was at Spotify working on scaling their web infrastructure and data-driven api endpoints. I have contributed to a variety of widely used projects including LeapMotion, peer-to-peer Web RTC, Amazon’s PHP SDK and more.

In addition to tech, music is another passion in my life, and was the main factor that drew me towards Spotify after college. I avidly make and consume music, and am a classically trained guitarist. I also have a pet corn snake named Janky.

Check out my GitHub to see my side projects and open source work.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line w@wellsjohnston.com