Hey, check out my blog

My name is Wells Johnston, and I am a language agnostic, full-stack software engineer with a variety of interests including computer networks (RTC), distributed systems, data/analytics, application development and more. I have experience co-founding a company in college, working with small to medium-sized startups, and working at a large tech company (Spotify).

I'm currently at Littlestar, a 6-person startup, working on bringing 360 video and immersive content (virtual reality) to a scalable web and mobile platform. Check out my GitHub if you want to see my open source work.

In addition to tech, music is another passion in my life, and a major reason why I love working at Spotify. I avidly make and consume music, and am a classically trained guitarist with over 15 years' experience.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line. w@wellsjohnston.com